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I’m doing this for my lovely followers.. I get requests to do promos every single day, more than once. so here it is. This has till TONIGHT to get up to 100 notes. I will post 5-10 different lists by tomorrow.

You must be following me: (I CHECK, SO DON’T FOLLOW THEN UNFOLLOW, If you don’t like my blog then simply don’t do the promo).

MUST REACH 100 or no promo.

Anonymous said: i will not have a nice night why dont u just delete ur tumblr so i dont have to look at it anymore huh? uh.

The fuck is your problem? Don’t look at my Tumblr if you don’t like it, there are millions more that you could look at, i’m also blocking your IP because you’re annoying =).

Anonymous said: your an ass. i hope you die in hell. people like you are not even ment to be here. plus your theme is ugly learn how to find better ones bitch. and BY THE WAY I UNFOLLOWED YOU.

Um I don’t even talk to anyone on here, so how would you consider me an ass? And how would I die in hell, you die on earth and then go to heaven or hell, so get your facts straight. And thanks for unfollowing me, I don’t want people like you following me always. Have a nice night! =)